Bantam Chickens
Oct'10 13
Millie, Alexander and their daughter Penelope They are all mille fleur d'uccle bantam chickens.

Nov'09 11
Miette From the original bantam chicken flock this is Miette a quail d'anver.  She is very jaunty and brave and makes me laugh.

Nov'09 11
Alexander the Great Sometimes he forgets that I am the boss and needs to be reminded on occasion but he has always been the most gracious of protectors to his hens and for that reason mostly he remains here.  He is a mille fleur bantam d'uccle chicken.

Nov'09 11
Lucy & Ethel ... are both buff japanese hens.  They are supposed to be the same color but since one's head is obviously blond and the others is red I thought these names were perfect for them.  They both lay a small tan colored egg.      

Nov'09 7
Sarah Sebright ... is a very jaunty, slightly arrogant chicken. She is a silver sebright hen and is the smallest of the bantams but doesn't seem to be aware of that fact and she regularly does her best to keep the others in line with a well placed peck or two.

Sep'06 1
The nine bachelors As it turned out I ended up with nine males and only four females.  They are porcelain and mille fleur colors of the d'uccle breed. At the point of this picture, I had the roosters housed separately from the females and since they all got along so good they were allowed an hour or two of freedom in the big back yard.  After a week of separation, I started an elimination process to figure out which was the most gentle, kindest rooster to keep.  I'd put one male in with the females for a day to see how they treated them.  Amazingly, almost all of them were mean and when I was thinking I wouldn't end up with a rooster after all, the final one to be introduced ended up being the only prince in the group.  My DD named him Alexander the Great and he has always been a great flock leader but that's another story...

May'06 7
13 bantam chickens arrive! This was my first foray into getting bantam chickens.  They came "not sexed" which means as hatched which is usually 50/50 females to males.

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