The nine bachelors
As it turned out I ended up with nine males and only four females.  They are porcelain and mille fleur colors of the d'uccle breed. At the point of this picture, I had the roosters housed separately from the females and since they all got along so good they were allowed an hour or two of freedom in the big back yard.  After a week of separation, I started an elimination process to figure out which was the most gentle, kindest rooster to keep.  I'd put one male in with the females for a day to see how they treated them.  Amazingly, almost all of them were mean and when I was thinking I wouldn't end up with a rooster after all, the final one to be introduced ended up being the only prince in the group.  My DD named him Alexander the Great and he has always been a great flock leader but that's another story...

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