Big Chickens
Oct'11 4
Phyllis Diller The origin of her name is obvious I think.  She was a 2010 spring addition to the flock and lays a small white egg. Her and Lela Jean are the best of friends and usually not only do they hang out together every day but they sleep together as well.  She is an unusual breed called the Appenzeller Spitzhauben.                  

Jul'11 24
Meet Aunt Nancy Aunt Nancy is a spring 2011 addition to the big chickens flock.  She is a Salmon Faverolle hen that is not only gorgeous but friendly as well.  As of October 5, 2011 she hasn't laid her first egg yet.                

Oct'10 13
Lela Jean Is a Spring 2010 addition and she is an exchequer leghorn hen that lays a white egg.  She is lovingly named after an old friend of mines mother.                  

Mar'06 25
Frank & Walter a dasterdly duo Frank & Walter were blue ameraucana roosters that were so rough on their hens they had to go.  They would tag team a poor unsuspecting hen and rough her up.  The first time I saw that behavior it was "Vamoose! you two are outta her!"  (They were beautiful birds though.)

May'05 5
Cosette my favorite hen of all time Cosette was a white crested white polish hen.  She was kind of a ding bat but she knew her name.  If she was out foraging in the woods and I called her name, she would raise her head and listen until I called her again then she would come running from the woods to see me.  Unfortunately, because of her heavy crest of head feathers she had to move slow to avoid crashing into things.  She was a loveable hen that enjoyed being held and carried around.

Aug'04 11
Mrs Howell, Ginger & Maryanne When these chicks arrived I named them Mrs. Howell, Ginger & Maryanne only to find out that Mrs was a Mr who turned out to be a whacko.  He didn't stay here long but Maryanne lived for 6 1/5 years and as of October 5, 2011 Ginger is still around too.

Jul'04 27
Bianca Bianca and Hendrika were white leghorns that laid an unbelievable 300+ white eggs a year.  However, they were a very peckish breed that picked on the other chickens mercilessly at times.

Jul'04 27
Georgina the crazy One of the funniest things about Georgina was whenever she heard my whistle for "come and get a treat!" she would run, head facing the ground and always be the first to get to me.  She was a white crested black polish hen.  My then 10 year old DD named her Georgina because she said she reminded her of George Washington for some reason.

Jul'04 27
Serena the splendid In the first flock Serena was a quiet, observant hen.  But as time went on and she outlived her flock mates she became the head honcho and as of October 5, 2011 she still is at the ripe old age of 8 years and 5 months old. She is a brown rosecomb leghorn that still lays approximately one white, small egg per week.

Apr'03 23
Valentino moves into his own space Because of continued aggressive behavior I set Valentino up in his own yard.  He was increasingly violent to any human that ventured anywhere near him and also to the hens.  Finally, after several months in his bachelor pad, I gave him to someone that was looking for a rooster for  his flock that would free range.

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