Sep'08 22
Samantha Was probably my favorite silkie of the whole bunch.  She always came to me when I called her name and she acted as a surrogate mother for the younger chicks.

Apr'08 20
Maria Was a little batty quite frankly.  She had a habit of sporatically flapping her wings and making a LOUD almost screeching sound for no apparent reason.  She was funny to watch.

Apr'08 8
Sassy & Sebastian Sassy was just as her name alludes.  She was the first to get to the treats and always pushed the younger chicks out of the way to get at it. Sebastian was the kindest most gentle rooster I have ever had.  He never attacked me, not one single time and he was the sweetest father calling to the chicks for tasty little treats.                  

Apr'07 26
The Silkies arrive I had heard so much about this breed that I went a little overboard while at the breeders house and I came home with Sebastian a full grown rooster and several other females that ranged in age from one month to six months old.

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