Swimming in a plastic bag pool
When my assistant Caleb and I were doing work on their yard the day before, we didn't realize we had left behind a trash bag.  This was the first day the ducks were allowed to bring their ducklings out of the house/run into their yard.  They were so tiny before this that they would have otherwise walked right through the 1" holes in the fencing into one of the other animals yards which would have been a disaster!  Anyhoo, I checked on them quite often throughout the day and was tickled pink to see this little scene of Bella showing them how to swim in a tiny puddle that had formed on top of the plastic bag.  So, I quickly got a shovel and made a slightly bigger, deeper hole which had a natural ramp for entering and exiting and laid the bag on top of it, anchored it down with a few rocks and poured some water into it.  As soon as I moved back out of touching zone Bella promptly brought them right back to it and they all had a great time.

3 thoughts on “Swimming in a plastic bag pool

  1. Hi Helen. Thank you for the kind words. I did not grow up on a farm so I believe I see the animals and their normal behaviors differently than many people do. There is a hierarchy within each flock that is readily apparent if time is taken to observe them. What type of project are you working on, is it about poultry ?

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