Big Ducks
Jul'13 27
Time for bed girls! "Time for bed girls" video They are so smart. Many evenings I just go in their yard and say "time for bed girls" and they come running from wherever they are and march up the ramp. Often times Wilma (black Cayuga duck with lots of white feathers) will go back and forth under the ramp like she's trying to distract me. If I move towards her she runs up because she knows I'm going to pick her up and put her in lol. They do NOT like to be touched

Oct'10 29
First Eggs for the 2010 new ducks One of the reasons I have so many different breeds of ducks and chickens is because their eggs come in so many wonderful colors. Imagine a duck that lays a BLACK egg? Yes, that's what a Cayuga duck does. The first 5-8 eggs laid in the spring are a nice black color which gradually lightens throughout the season. By the end of Fall when they are molting and readying to take a much deserved winter break from egg laying the color has diminished to gray or sometimes a barely there gray. Interestingly, the color of the egg is actually a waxy like coating on the outside of the shell. ~ The Welsh Harlequin lays a very traditional white egg that when washed off of any clinging debris always reminds me of an almost sparkly iridescent canvas while the Chocolate Runner lays a very pretty light blue egg whose color goes through the entire shell and is not an outside coating only.

Oct'10 14
The New Pond!!! All six big ducks finally get to swim in the New Pond.  They've been watching me with curiosity as I built it.  It took some encouraging (albeit with a broom!) to get them up the ramp but once the first girl figured it out the rest followed.

Sep'10 26
Four new large fowl ducks Here are the four new big ducks at 5 months old (to see pix of them as ducklings, check out the DUCKLINGS page).  Left to right they are Wanita a Cayuga duck that lays a black-gray egg, Lady Godiva a Chocolate Runner that lays a soft blue egg, Charlene (in front) a Welsh Harlequin that lays a white egg and lastly Ebony another Cayuga.

May'10 7
The four new girls at 1.5 weeks old… ...and moved out into the outdoor Big Ducks run/brooder house with a red heat lamp and swimming water.    

May'10 7
Girls! go look at the new ducklings The three old girls are only slightly curious about the new ducklings.  Today the ducklings moved out into an improvised duck brooder with a red heat lamp and swimming water.  At 1.5 weeks old they were just too smelly to keep in the basement brooder house anymore.  I kept the two flocks separate until the new ducks were the same size as the old ducks.

Apr'10 28
Five new large fowl ducklings arrive… ... from Metzer Farms in Gonzalez, CA yet again.  They are the same farm I got my first flock of ducklings from in 2002.  Sadly, one of them died soon after arrival, but I ended up with a Welsh Harlequin (Charlene), a Chocolate Runner (Lady Godiva) and two Cayugas (Wanita & Ebony).  Here they are at 2 days old.

Apr'10 28
Lady Godiva (Chocolate Runner) at 2 days old Isn't she just adorable?

Apr'09 26
The three original ducks Here are the three original ducks at 6 years old.  They are all Golden 300 Hybrid ducks from Metzer Farms in Gonzalez, CA.  They were shipped across country at less than 24 hours old and arrived in MA as good as new already 2 days old.  These girls were extremely prolific egg layers that laid over 320 eggs a year for the first three years of their lives.  I know because I charted them.  I just couldn't quite believe they would actually lay that many as the breeder advertised.  So the breeder was right but the trade off was that in their fourth year they laid less and less and the spring of their fifth year they had stopped laying all together.  I didn't really mind because they were pets but after another year I really missed having ducks eggs so I got Bella & Bo (see the DUCKS/Bantam Ducks page).  Unfortunately, Bella only lays about 85-90 eggs a year and those during the Spring and Summer months which is what brought me to the decision to get more large fowl ducks in Spring 2010 (see post below "Four New Large Fowl Ducks").  

Jul'03 19
Follow the leader With much encouragement, my DD encouraged them to follow her.  They walked through the side and front yards.  Let's go over here... and meet the chickens!  What do you think girls?                  

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