First Eggs for the 2010 new ducks
One of the reasons I have so many different breeds of ducks and chickens is because their eggs come in so many wonderful colors. Imagine a duck that lays a BLACK egg? Yes, that's what a Cayuga duck does. The first 5-8 eggs laid in the spring are a nice black color which gradually lightens throughout the season. By the end of Fall when they are molting and readying to take a much deserved winter break from egg laying the color has diminished to gray or sometimes a barely there gray. Interestingly, the color of the egg is actually a waxy like coating on the outside of the shell. ~ The Welsh Harlequin lays a very traditional white egg that when washed off of any clinging debris always reminds me of an almost sparkly iridescent canvas while the Chocolate Runner lays a very pretty light blue egg whose color goes through the entire shell and is not an outside coating only.

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