The three original ducks
Here are the three original ducks at 6 years old.  They are all Golden 300 Hybrid ducks from Metzer Farms in Gonzalez, CA.  They were shipped across country at less than 24 hours old and arrived in MA as good as new already 2 days old.  These girls were extremely prolific egg layers that laid over 320 eggs a year for the first three years of their lives.  I know because I charted them.  I just couldn't quite believe they would actually lay that many as the breeder advertised.  So the breeder was right but the trade off was that in their fourth year they laid less and less and the spring of their fifth year they had stopped laying all together.  I didn't really mind because they were pets but after another year I really missed having ducks eggs so I got Bella & Bo (see the DUCKS/Bantam Ducks page).  Unfortunately, Bella only lays about 85-90 eggs a year and those during the Spring and Summer months which is what brought me to the decision to get more large fowl ducks in Spring 2010 (see post below "Four New Large Fowl Ducks").  

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