Apr'10 28
Five new large fowl ducklings arrive… ... from Metzer Farms in Gonzalez, CA yet again.  They are the same farm I got my first flock of ducklings from in 2002.  Sadly, one of them died soon after arrival, but I ended up with a Welsh Harlequin (Charlene), a Chocolate Runner (Lady Godiva) and two Cayugas (Wanita & Ebony).  Here they are at 2 days old.

Apr'10 28
Lady Godiva (Chocolate Runner) at 2 days old Isn't she just adorable?

Jun'03 2
The Three Stooges & Pink Floyd… hello, hello, hello?  Is there anybody out there?

May'03 15
My how they grow! My how time flies and how fast they grow.  Actually, waterfowl grow at tremendous rates.  So much so that sometimes you can almost "see" them grow!  Here's an example at 3, 5 and 12 days old.  Then more pics at 2 , 3, 4 & 5(+3 days) weeks old.  You can practically "hear" their bones creaking  :-D            

May'03 14
I need a nap This is the thought I had when I saw this little duckling looking at me so enquiringly.  It's one of my favorite pictures over the years.  They were so exhausted and mildly stressed after their cross country trip that once they had all been shown where the water was (and how to drink) and after having a quick snack of duckling food they all passed out for a few hours.

May'03 14
Eleven new female ducklings arrive from… ...Metzers Farm in Gonzalez, CA.  They were shipped at less than 24 hours old and arrived on the east coast before they were 72 hours old.  I kept 3 of them and shared the rest with friends.  This was my first venture with ducks and I chose the Golden 300 Hybrid which is a hybrid specifically bred by Metzers.  The genders are easily sexed at hatching, females are brown and males are shades of black.  I chose all females for their egg laying abilities. ~ Here are the three I kept who would eventually become Emma(line), Victoria and Gabby(Gabriella).                

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