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The majority of eggs shown here are traditional Pysanky designs.

Eventually, there will be other types of decorated eggs such

as polymer clay covered, vinegar or acid etched and carved. 


Click on any of the symbolism icons on each individual

eggs details page to see what each symbol stands for.


Please note that all eggs are currently “made to order”

 meaning I do not have any in stock. The turn around time

from receipt of payment and shipment of egg is

two-three weeks. Shipping is $6.00 for the first egg

and $2.00 for every additional egg mailed to the same address. 


Every egg includes a tag showing “who” laid the egg with

a picture of that animal and the detail of its symbolism. 

Email me through the CONTACT page for more details.


To view a larger image, click on that particular egg

from this page and then again while in the eggs detail page.



White Stylized Star

$35.00 — $65.00

The first time I saw this design I was captured by it’s beauty.  It is a

traditional design full of traditional elements.  The white background

is achieved by bleaching the egg after the several layers of color and

symbolism have been covered with beeswax.  I love this design.


Every egg includes a tag showing “who” laid the egg with a picture of that animal.





Dots (or tiny circles)



Eight pointed star



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