Big Ducks New Pool -Pt 2

More duck pool pictures below…

Flotec pump (part # FPOS1200X).  It is supposed to be perfect for aerating the water in

winter to keep it from freezing.  It can also be used to pump out the water/waste if

necessary.  However, it’s very light weight and while they were swimming around

I noticed the bubbling water spray was tilting a little so I’m going to have to anchor

it down with some paver stones to keep it from being knocked over.

Flotec Pump

Filling…  It took 1.5 hours to fill this 350 gallon space.


Oops!  A little TOO full.  I had to remove 5 Loews buckets full of water.

Oops a little TOO full

Green plastic fence exit “ramp”

green plastic exit ramp

Triangle shaped “deck”

Triangle shaped

New 7′ ramp with green plastic fencing safety wall (to keep them from jumping

out directly onto the ground from a 2.5 foot height!).


New 6′ ramp leading up to the nest house.  Notice they are all hiding in their

sleeping quarters.


Well, all I need now are some photos of them swimming in their brand spanking new pool…

10-14-10 ~ I finally got them into the pool (with a little help from a garden rake, some

green plastic fencing for gripping help and lots of determination on my part) 

1st swim in the new pool!

Thanks to a suggestion from Evy, I added the green plastic fencing to the ramp so

they could have something to grip going up and down and it seems to have done

the trick.  I also temporarily blocked off the side of the ramp so they can’t jump over it


Here’s a link to the short video on photobucket, turn your volume  on, there’s lots of 

ducky excitement to be heard lol.





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